Specific, concrete, and actionable…

You do not get better by learning things, you can better by doing things. If you ever become a client of mine, you will quickly learn the principles around productive action. You see, friend, PA must be specific, concrete, and actionable. Way too many well meaning clients have big desires but lack tiny disciplines. So, when they get excited with some learning they want to put in play, I always ask them to write it out for me. Most often they write something vague, enormous, and undoable – I’ve come to believe this is simply the humans reaction when they discover something they want to work on. We decide to go big and end up going home.

Going home overwhelmed, that is.

You do not get better by going big or going home. You get better by baby steps. You get better by doing small things and doing them over and over and over again. You get better by choosing baby steps of PA and left foot, right footing, your way forward. You get better by small, iterative gains. So, when you learn something that you can’t wait to convert into action, start small, really small. Choose a baby step and make it specific, concrete, and actionable. Don’t overwhelm your increasing elastic mind, friend. Masters understand that there are no giant steps for mankind, only baby steps that eventually lead us to the promised land.

So, if you want to stop eating sugar completely, start by cutting out cookies and ice cream today. Make it through this iteration. Tomorrow decide to cut out cookies, ice cream, and your morning donut. Get through this iteration. Don’t let the brain rush ahead to Wednesday and don’t start thinking about cutting out sugar all at once. Start small. Make it specific, concrete, and actionable. Keep reaching. Slowly you’re tightening it up. We get better by doing things better. We get better by more productively acting. We get better by marrying the mundane, iterative process of progress. Specific. Concrete. Actionable. Make sense? Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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