Be strong…

I just reread The Lions Gate, by Steven Pressfield. This is my third read of this amazing story of resilience. I cannot seem to get enough. Here’s something I missed during the first two goes around. It’s amazing how much I miss.

“God left one commandment out of the Bible,” Ben-Gurion used to say. “Perhaps the Almighty delivered this commandment to Moses but Moses forgot to bring it down from the mountain. That commandment is Number Eleven: Be strong.” Taken from page 125 The Lions Gate.

Be strong.

So, friend, whatever stuff you’re facing this fine day remember this. Be strong. Leader, whatever you want from your team, remember, they will only be as strong as you are. If you, like me, believe evolution is true than act like it. Do not regress in weakness. Adapt to the challenge. Be strong. Slow down and think about your behaviors of late. Are you adapting in strength or cowering in fear? Are you challenging out of belief or coddling in fear? You cannot be grateful and fearful at the same time. What are you in this moment?

Live hard. Love harder…

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