Peer pressure…

Today, during practice 36 with a team of peers, I challenged them to practice more peer pressure. They need more peer pressure. You and your team do as well. Excellent teams, remember, are a team of peers. These teams feel like a team of leaders even though some are and some aren’t, positionally speaking. Here’s the challenge I issued to them as our time wound down today. I asked them to write when was the last time they provided productive peer pressure. And, I asked them to write when was the last time they provided destructive peer pressure.

Productive or destructive. You are not neutral. You are either accretive to your teams culture or depletive. Which kind of peer are you? Don’t take your perspective as gospel, ask one of your peers to adjust your mirrors. You and I have blindspots. Focus on illuminating your own before you get busy on another’s. That’s productive.

Live hard. Love harder…

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