Maiden voyage…

This morning at 7:33 am, seven cyclists turned right out of my driveway. Littlest Fricker, Blondie, downer, Mickanator, Farmer, PJ, and I departed on a perfect day for a long ride. We headed South and west. We rode on busy roads, quiet roads, white roads, bike paths, gravel paths, dirt paths, and even through a couple grass yards toward the end. It was perfect. We rode hard some of the time but took it conversationally for most of it. We took pictures and told stories. We laughed a lot. Farmer almost cried. Our legs and lungs were weary at the end but our spirits were still soaring.

For Mickanator, Farmer, PJ, and Littlest, it was their maiden voyage of sorts. You see, prior to today, none of these had every completed a century ride. Today they did. We rode 100 miles together. Nobody was left behind. Nobody quit. PJ wanted to quit (damn back pain), but productive peer pressure kept him in the fight. It was my favorite century yet. It just flew by on so many new roads with old friends. I think we’ll make this a new Fall classic for our peloton. Once a year, I guess, we should remind ourselves we can still crush a hundred mile ride. Maybe you’ll want to join next October on a day when the leaves are changing, the winds are at your back, and the camaraderie of suffering carries you along. Maybe next year it will be your maiden voyage. We would love to have you.

Live hard. Love harder…

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