This morning, after reading one of my clients “Sunday writing,” I wrote him how I would handle a specific situation he wrote about. I wrote him about transformational relationships requiring someone to take the lead in repair. There are no equal partnerships.

Wisdom is knowing when to respond, if at all, to an injustice. Wisdom is knowing when to turn toward, away, or against. Wisdom is knowing when to sit in the discomfort quietly, when to absorb the tension, when to get curious, when to walk away, and when to roar like a righteous lion. Wisdom is an acquired discipline. It takes time, lots of time. You see, friend, I mostly learn about myself when instructing another. I study, learn, and apply (mostly hard truths the application is focused on me). Fact. I too am overly trained to my justice thread instead of those around me. I too am a work in process and the more I learn, the less I know. There’s another one, right there.

Wisdom is found when you focus your words on repairing the relationship, not fixing the person. Nobody wants you to fix them. We all want to feel oneness with someone who gets us. Focus here. Wise.

God, help me humbly lead in repair. God, help me…

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