This is OPUS…

Today’s first client ended our practice with a declaration. She said, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this work.”

This is OPUS.

What do you say about your work, friend? After hard practice mastering your craft do you feel a good tired? After hard learning do you feel exhausted or exhilarated? After a big win do you want to get back to OPUS or get away from laboring? After a tough loss do you want to learn and level up or numb yourself while blaming others?

OPUS is more than a BTL acrostic. OPUS is a way of life. An authentic OPUS gives the author a sense of awe and fills her with joy. What does your work fill you with, friend? Are you a highly paid laborer, only filling your wallet? Are you a master in the art of living, filled with more than money can buy? Slow down. Reflect. Write.

Live hard. Love harder. This is OPUS…

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