A beautiful march to see…

Remember, friend, you are meant to sing your song. You are meant to sing it over and over and over again. You are meant to master your song. You are meant to sing along with others. Sometimes you sing background, sometimes you sing lead.

You are meant to learn to sing a new song too.

Sometimes it’s really painful to figure out it’s time to march to a new beat. I mean you’ve been singing it a long time and you’ve really got it down. Seems kinda crazy to learn something new so late in life. So, most just keep marching, mindlessly, to the sea. You are meant for more. Go on, friend, step out of line. Sing. A few will come alongside. If somehow these few words spoke to you, take a minute and go deeper. Who knows where your momentary march might lead you. Maybe, just maybe, a beautiful march to see. Good…

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