My favorite soccer team…

Yesterday, during practice 15 with a women’s soccer team that is out of this world, one of the injured players shared how she’s contributing to this team. She cannot play, mind you. She could choose to cheer and leave it at that. She is too strong for that. So, she’s filling a need.

She’s putting the balls in all the right places during practice. She has discovered that the team gets into flow more when they have balls scattered along the sidelines in very strategic fashion. So, she’s taken it upon herself to invest her sideline time productively. Nobody told her. Nobody demanded more. She did. You see, friend, Kitty is learning to become autotelic – self authorizing. So too are her teammates. These women are being led well by Lori, Brian, Michael, Kammy, Birz, Izzy, and many more. And, this team has more than a few choosing to lead themselves to an even higher standard.

Yesterday, this team learned that excellence is you committing to being you at your best, period. Kitty must have already gotten the message…

What kind of team are you producing, leader? A team of followers or a team of leaders? Transformational leaders produce leaders. Are you?

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