Do it now…

There is no return to normal. It’s been said ice is in a state of equilibrium with water. In my freezer this is not true, at least not for long. We have a hard time noticing change in ourselves, much less others and our surroundings. Nothing stays the same. We are growing and dying, friends, at least that ought to be the aim.

You see, the mass of humanity is slowing dying having given up on growth when it became perceptibly clear the fight was an upstream one. Your systems never remain unchanged or return to what they once were. I mean that would be contrary to the science of evolution, right? Evolution teaches us that survival goes to those who adapt, yet we ignore this when life gets hard. I mean come on man, how many times since the coronacrisis have you heard or said something about not being able to wait for 2020 to be over? Many are hunkered down and putting life on hold, or so they think. Many are mindlessly binging on stupid shit as a way to “pass the time.” Many are in fact settling for slow death. Not smart.

The best among us are growing and dying. Masters in the art of living are living hard and loving harder. Not when it’s convenient, not when they feel like it, not when the conditions are ripe, but, instead, as a habit of the heart. Be one of the few choosing to experience bursts of growth even as they stare down death’s door. Be one of the few who keeps moving when the mind and body aren’t having it. Be one of the few who keeps learning right up to their expiration date. Be one who lives this present moment like it’s a gift from God.

Because it is. Live hard. Love harder. Do it now. Smart…

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