Women feel shame at levels men can’t begin to understand. Most shaming, btw, is self shaming. Other men and women certainly contribute some shame. Most of it, however, is an inside job. The anti-shame pill has not been invented. Try this instead.

Begin each morning by writing something you are grateful for. Marinate on the gift of this present moment. Write something you are grateful for regarding your physical plant – your body. Think about your day and write something you are glad you get to do. Think about your work and thank God for it. Reflect on your loved ones both those that are here and those that are in Heaven. Thank God for the gift of whatever time you shared. Think about your friends. Thank God for the gift of philo.

And, lastly, marinate on God’s Grace. You and I have plenty to be bummed about. Fact. We have blessings too. Focus on the blessings, not the bummers. Good.

Live hard. Love harder. No shame in that…

3 thoughts on “Shame…

  1. Love this one – such a good reminder! Thank you

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