Three inch heels…

Today, during BTL team practice 16 with a team becoming one on the pitch, the leader and I shared some laughs and stories as we watched her team coming together in so many ways. I told her a bit more about the book Last of the Amazons, and how strong these women were, way back in the day. You see, this leader does not play small even when she’s being told she’s too much this and too little that. She is finding her voice and getting comfortable with simply being who she is and letting others do likewise. She is building strong women even stronger.

As we finished our time together I told her the short story of another strong, Amazon type who stands six feet one. She too is finding her inner strength and being who she is regardless who she’s around. So, when she had a MOT kinda meeting with men in charge, so to speak, she didn’t play small at all. She stood her ground and relied on her strong CORE to inform her words and actions. She stood in her MOT. She stood. FM, baby.

She stood Tall. Actually, she stood really tall. Instead of wearing flats, that day, she decided to go ahead and be herself. She wore heels – three inch heels. My client and I laughed a good one on that. You see my client is tall too. She looked at me and uttered some ccd magic – Three inch heels, huh. That might be a great title for my book…

Do not play small, friend. Play you at your best. Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Three inch heels…

  1. I LOVE the way you tell stories. You have an amazing way with words, an uncanny ability to sear souls. Thank you for continuously doing so, it’s such a blessing to those that are listening and I’m all ears.

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