Six men. One warrior…

This early am six men congregated on the driveway in 28 degree darkness. We had jump ropes, heavy balls, kettlebells, and prepared to get after it for 1:33:33. As I was getting ready to push play, out of the darkness appeared One warrior. Brinley was back without her man, Grande Gato. You see Grande had hill runs this morning with his fellow grapplers. Undeterred, Brinley came alone. This couple came to our fair city during the coronacrisis so Grande could chase his dream. Brinley is strong enough to come along for his and still get after her own. She graduates next year and is One you want joining your design team. Fact.

So, this morning, as old men fatigued – she kept leading the charge with her ccd magic – Keep it. Every iteration she counted and kept an eye on all of us. As men failed to flutter or lift the bell over head, she simply counted and told us to keep it. Brinley is super strong and kind too. I mean come on man, how many women are unafraid to go it alone in what’s perceived as a mans world, right? How many women are unafraid to show up and lead the way with those they’ve just come to know during coronaisolationbullshit? How many women know who they are, why they’re here, where they’re going, and how they’re getting there? Not many. Few.

Find your few, friend. It’s always a few men and women that lead the way. Brinley is one of the few. One warrior is all it takes to transform a team toward greatness. Be One. Keep it. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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