Is it true…

This is the script that plays in the background of my mind when listening to my clients during BTL practice. Is it true? Is it true? Is it true? Today, one of my clients shared that she is losing energy because she is “stuck indoors.” This is not true. Instead of telling her the unvarnished truth, I asked her to tell me more. She did. She told me about her situation and the loss of control. I asked her to write. She did. As she looked at her writing, she realized she’s not stuck indoors. We extrapolated this learning to her work with teammates who share self limiting beliefs. Remember, just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. If you are building a high performance team, you must bathe in truth and invite them into the light as well. Master Builders bathe in truth and get those around them to do likewise.

Look inside at some of your well worn scripts. Question them. Ask yourself, “Is it true?” Do not shame yourself or those around you. Do not interrogate. Be interested. Question some of your deeply held beliefs. Root out those negative, nasty ones we refer to as self limiting beliefs. You are on the hook to manage your energy. Nothing robs us of energy more than our beliefs around those activities that drain us, especially those we believe we have to do. The recipe is always to find more love to’s and reframe or replace more of the have to’s. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Write. Whatever is draining you today, ask yourself – Is it true? Good.

Live hard. Love harder. Is it true? Yes. Yes it is…

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