Become and belong…

Yesterday, we celebrated practice 24 with a team of Head Coaches. This is a team that’s easy to be with. They drop nuggets on each other and readily receive ‘em too. Yesterday a golf coach had to pull off to the side of the road to write down his learning about becoming and belonging. He told me that was some gold I dropped on him. Funny, it felt like he dropped gold on me. You, friend, are designed for becoming and belonging. Nothing makes sense without both. And, these two aims will oftentimes be in conflict. This is another why behind our purpose of becoming one, distinct and deeply connected.

Are you becoming the original you already are? Where do you fit in, where do you belong? Slow down and reflect. Write. Share your thinking with me. Go on. Get it out. Good.

Live hard. Love harder. Become and belong…

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