Keep working…

Back in 2010 I can remember having all my clients write out their 2020 vision with 20/20 clarity. OPUS was just beginning to take hold. Today, looking back on 2020, not much went according to plan. It was good to have the dream. It was good to course correct as crisis and opportunity dictate. So, we did. So we will…

2020 has been both blessing and bummer. No surprise. 2019 was as well. 2021 will be too. As I take pause to reflect back and dream bigger toward 2030, it’s going to come down to CORE, OPUS, and PoP. My strong CORE will center me. Authentic OPUS will guide me. Discipline of PoP will carry me. Truth. We cannot predict what the future holds. We can dream and do. We can plan and execute. We can choose to be strong or weak. We can choose to be just or unjust, charitable or inhospitable, and the list goes on and on. We had an amazing run together in 2020, my friends. Lots of growth. More to come. Marcus Aurelius was right – The obstacle becomes the way. See you on the climb learning to do hard things well. See you on the climb, my friend.

Live hard. Love harder. CORE, OPUS, PoP. Keep working…

3 thoughts on “Keep working…

  1. Your Climb interview was great…I am a friend of Roberts…and we used to work together. Enjoying your emails each day as well. I have been retired for the last 3 years but just came out of retirement to help grow a large roofing company out of Naples Fl…Your thought process helps me each morning…and for that, I say thank you!! Now…I ordered some of your books weeks ago to give to some of the owners through Amazon, hoping they arrive soon unless there is a better way to get them? Thanks, Jason

    1. Hey Jason, glad you are enjoying the blog and podcast. The best bet on the book is ordering the kindle for now. The hardcover is available on Barnes and Noble online. Amazon is having trouble getting them in stock. Good problem, I guess. We’ll have them on our site in about 45 days. All the best…

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