Day 244 – Tilt

Thank you Mr. Brown for the introduction and a month filled with your vast perspective.

Today I read a BBTL book entry about worldview. Tilt is an emotional state. If you become tilted you stop thinking and react carelessly. As Chet puts it, “players use the word tilt to indicate when the lights have gone out.” Becoming tilted is a response to adversity. Why do I believe this is tied into worldview? Worldview, simply put, is what you believe. Becoming visibly tilted communicates a lot to others. At the root, I believe tilt displays some of your worldview.

What do you then believe about adversity? If you believe this moment is the end of the world, then you will act as if it is the end of the world. Tilt can be the result of missing an easy layup. Tilt can be the result of losing a key client to a competitor. I have often seen tilt in the depths of the rough at Muirfield Village Golf Club! When are you calm? When do you panic? What do you believe about control? Doing the BTL CORE work is answering questions like these for whatever scenario that causes tilt.

Here are my preloaded responses. They are written as worldview beliefs that halt me from becoming tilted:

I believe this adversity won’t kill me. I believe this is not a life or death moment.

I believe I am in control of my own happiness, not others.

I believe I can improve and this moment is not definitive.

These 3 worldview’s have changed the way I live my life. I remind myself to not panic because this moment isn’t as catastrophic as I’m making it out to be. I remind myself that I choose whether or not other people can tilt me with their words. I tell myself to stop letting others control my happiness. If I allow another person to frustrate me with what they say, it is a reflection of me giving them too much power over my mental state.

Lastly, and the most important to me, I remind myself that the moment is never definitive. If you do the work it will surprise you that previously tilting scenarios will not rock you. These moments can be overcome by stronger emotions, like love and hope, deeply rooted in what you believe.

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