How you become Y.O.U.

Today, during practice eleven with a team feeling like they’re just this side of Heaven, I asked them to write about their most important asset. Whenever we ask them in BTL team practice, we mostly hear one answer – the team. This is not correct. Fact.

Your most important asset is you. So, leader, how much time are you investing in building a stronger CORE? You can never leverage you to the fullest if parts of you remain unconscious. Fact. How much time are you investing in living out your OPUS? You cannot be too focused, can you, on living out your labor of love? Think.

Your most important asset is you. You cannot control circumstances, other people, catastrophes, Covid, or any other crisis. You can control you. Are you?

Your most important asset is you. Stop blaming others. Stop making excuses. Stop being a victim in any way, shape, or form. Instead become BTL. Invest more time and energy on you. This is not selfish. This is the only route to becoming you. CORE, OPUS, PoP. Be honest about your current state. This is Step 1. Dream big about your future state. Dreaming is Step 2. Baby step into your Playbook of Productive Action. Move. Do stuff that aligns within and with your aim. This is Step 3. Rinse and repeat. This is how you become Y.O.U.!

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “How you become Y.O.U.

  1. As always Chet, your words are timely and on point. I wrote my OPUS a few years back and am leaning into if fully as I want to serve others in a way that enables them to CRASH into their world as I am trying my best to CRASH into my own. It is a daily process and working on it daily only makes it stronger and more resolute.

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