Day 245 – Embrace the suck

This morning I was apart of 2 different BTL practices that shared the same melody line. The melody line was that adversity had been buried too long. Throughout my time with BTL, clients have always asked me what do teams have in common. Adversity.

The first process that a team goes through with BTL is awakening. I have observed awakening as teams digging up conflict that they had previously ignored. From the leader’s perspective it is overwhelming to uncover what was below. From the team’s perspective it feels scary to speak raw and real. As a builder this is hard work, and it is deeply embedded in our CORE.

Being real and raw is embracing the suck. Seeing the chaos, that truth momentarily creates, is embracing the suck. Why then is this one of my favorite parts of BTL?

This is one of my favorite parts of BTL because I see the leader’s CORE get stronger. I see the leader develop a worldview that embraces truth, rather than run from it. I see a leader develop a purpose for giving more than they expect. I see a leader that starts modeling truth in love and being CCD. I see a leader who is willing to work at becoming ONE with his team.

Today I sat with a leader and his team in our BTL breakout group. I asked him how he was dealing with the chaos that he felt from BTL. He shared his purpose for doing this work and I believed in him. He is embracing the suck, and giving his team everything he has.

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