We’ve all heard plenty of Tiger stories. Here’s one that blew my mind about his hunger for feedback. Back in 2000, one of my clients mom volunteered to be a chauffeur at the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. She was assigned to drive for Tiger Woods. This was the tournament where he beat the entire field by fifteen shots. Thrashed them. Destroyed them. Cemented his reputation as the greatest. Here’s her first hand observation of Tiger in the car. Check it out…

After playing each round he had her drive him to a private driving range with his coach and caddy. Tiger would grill them about every error he made. He was lapping the field. Did. Not. Matter. After his Sunday victory, my clients mom drove him to the home he was renting and congratulated him along the way. He thanked her and told her it wasn’t his best – about 85%, to be exact. He fully accepted, even at the top of his industry, perfection was not achievable. This is how you become great, friend. You accept your current state, develop a hunger for feedback you can use, and keep working toward the dream state with the help of a few.

Hard on self, not down on self.

The breakfast of champions? Feedback. Go get some of the good stuff today. Let most of it run right through your strong CORE. The 2% that sticks? Freakin’ magic, baby. FM. Feedback is magic when you know how to use it. Do you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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