Day 265 – Freud and Frankl

Today in BTL practice I listened to emerging leaders talk about their struggle to feel comfortable and confident leading the team. Through being in BTL for a while now, I have seen people placed into a new leadership position with the same struggle. How do I lead others, and how do I become confident in the leadership decisions I am making?

I told these leaders that they were aiming at the wrong thing. They were aiming toward feeling comfortable and confident in their leadership role. Their aim should be toward being committed. We see other leader’s commitment and mistake it for an innate ability to lead. However, these leaders are just like us with the same fears and doubts. There is no handbook that will give anyone the exact answer on how to lead. The difference is that they are more committed to their WHY.

We finished practice, in Victor Frankl fashion, focusing on the WHY and not the HOW. These teammates were looking for the HOW. How do I lead? What these emerging leaders really need is to be committed to their WHY. You might never feel as comfortable or confident as you desire, but you can control how committed you are to your team and the work. Their PA, like yours, is to write about what they are committed to. Write… I am committed…

2 thoughts on “Day 265 – Freud and Frankl

  1. This is spot on, Taylor, in your inimitable CCD style. Brilliant. And so true to my experience in building into leaders. I’ve so enjoyed your writing this month!

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