Why not…

We write our Builder’s journey to gain clarity of who we are and where we’ve been. We write it because there’s something very special about putting your story of origin, your story of how you’ve become you, in written form. It’s more concrete than simply holding it loosely in your cranium. Something special happens when we put it out there, you know. So, today, in practice 291 we went back to one of the basic tenets of BTL. We got more clarity around why we want you to write your Builder’s journey. Next to nobody knew the root why behind this writing. Most were going through the motions or ignoring the assignment. Why? Simple, really.

They didn’t have a big enough why to write.

Why? Because they saw it as an assignment from me vs something they wanted to do. What a whiff. Here’s the learning for you, friend. You are mostly sleepwalking through life, you know. You are living and doing whatever it is you’re doing mostly to please other people. You’ve been doing this since you don’t know when. It seems like it’s just the way it is.

It is.

It doesn’t have to be. Wake up, friend. Don’t simply do what everyone else is doing. Live your life by design, not default. Write your Builder’s journey so you get all your stuff out of your head and onto paper. Face it. Embrace it. Make peace with your place. Good. Here’s why. Do not miss this. This could be huge. Do this so you dream again. There’s your why. You write your Builder’s journey so you know who you are and why you’re here. You write to get the perfect mess on paper. You can only hold one mess in your cranium and still keep your shit together, you know.

So, now that you’re a bit cleaner and clearer, write the O (Overarching Vision) to your OPUS. This is your big dream for your work/life. You see, friend, we write our Builder’s journey so we can make peace with our place and dream again. Life is not about mitigating risk and settling for a not so shitty existence. Life is about dreaming big and living your best life by design. Life is not meant to simply imitate your neighbor or please your parents. Life is about dream and do, not do or die, or the ever popular do just enough to get by. You are meant for so much more, friend. Do you believe this?

If you do, write your story (Builder’s journey). Author your OPUS. Dream big.

You see, friend, a great life takes design. You are on the hook, you know, to design your best life. Do not wait until you’re 90 to reflect. Slow down now. Reflect. Carl Jung was right. “The most damaging thing in the life of a child, is the un-lived life of it’s parent.” Have you taken advantage of the BTL tools? Have you made them your own? Are you CORE centered and OPUS focused? Are you living by default or design? Are you waiting until you have time? Don’t be a dumbass. There is no such thing as having time. You have now, nothing more. Now is the greatest gift, you know, that’s why it’s called the present. Why not put your story on paper today? Why not dream bigger? Why, why, why? You have the tools. You have what it takes. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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