Challenge out of belief…

Tonight, at the conclusion of practice 50 with a couple Captains I believe in, I gave them five PA’s to complete before practice 51. These dudes have earned my belief. Here are their PA’s.

1. Write 100 small things that matter toward your team being elite.

2. Write 10 small things you’re going to model as Captain.

3. Write 3 things that are “challenges out of belief” for each other.

4. Write 25 love to’s about your sport.

5. Write 25 love to’s about your life.

The only great leaders are the reluctant ones. Leadership is a call to serve, to die to self, to make others do what they can, and to submit yourself to the ultimate sacrifice – live for the good of others instead of the good of self. So, leader, what’s holding back your team? Let me let you in on a secret.

It’s you.

Want a better team? Become a better leader. Damn…

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