My favorite sports..

Today was a sacred team practice with a beautiful team playing the beautiful game. I’m sharing my writing to them with you. BTL team practice is always sacred to me. Slow down and soak this up. Hope it hits a few of you…

We covered some good ground today in BTL team practice. Lots of you played ball. Well done. This was a great practice, not because I was great. I am always great in any practice. This is one of my I believes turned into one of my identities. I am a master of my craft. Have been for quite a while. And, I’m a work in process. Come a long way and a much longer way to go, God willing. I am always tuned in to you and prepared.

Today, you made practice great. You came prepared.

The Wizard put a mighty fine bow on it. She reminded you that change hurts. Growth hurts. Embrace this. One of my bolted on principles is around this very thought. In fact, my most bolted on principles you most likely know from how I behave when with you. Here they are. Let me know if they sound like bullshit or if they sound like what you see when you see me in BTL practice.

Model the way.
Embrace pain and suffering.
Embody truth in love.

These are my principles. I wake up and remind myself this is who I am. I tell myself not to ask any of my clients to do something I’m not already doing. Model the way, Chet. I tell myself not to run from what hurts, instead run into it, Chet. Embrace acute pain and suffering. Don’t settle for chronic pain. Eradicate that. Make it hurt worse so it will be over quickly. This is how I ran chronic joint and back pain out of my body. Lastly I tell myself to not bullshit anybody, especially me. Give people truth in love. Speak it. Listen to it. Embody it.

When I spoke to you, athletes, I hope you understood I wasn’t challenging out of frustration, but out of belief. I only challenge those I believe in. Some I use harsh language to wake them up. Some I don’t. Depends on what I think will get the desired performance gain. I’m not always right, but I am far more often than I’m wrong. I lead practice from a position of strength. I know my domain. I believe in myself and our work. If you learn nothing from me, please know that I want you to lead yourself from a position of strength, not shame. You are beautiful athletes playing the most beautiful game. You have amazing potential. Go make yourself and each other do what you can. See you at 43…

What, friend, do you stand for? Are you modeling the way, embracing pain and suffering, and embodying truth in Love? Are you dancing around hoping nobody notices you’re an imposter, or do you know your stuff and dominate your domain without being domineering? What would your team tell me? Slow down. Reflect. Write. Talk to your team, you know that team of beauties you are privileged to lead, right?

Live hard. Love harder…

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