Self mastery is as important as mastering skills, maybe more so. Do you believe this? Here’s a litmus test. Look back at recent fails. Evaluate the why behind it. Was it primarily a technical skill failure or a lack of personal will? Was it rooted in your incompetence or character flaw? I could go on and on. Here’s truth. Most clients hire us to improve the way they work. They think we’ll help them learn communication, strategy, and conflict resolution hacks. They believe we’ll help them become a master at leading others. They want to get better at building leadership skills, thinking it’s about leading teams, you know.

It’s not.

We begin our work with them – on them. We never stop. All leadership development is really self development. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Your biggest leadership challenge is not out there, friend. It’s in here. Self mastery matters more. Sucks to face the facts, right.

What pain within are you burying? What are you avoiding? What fear has you hiding and hoping nobody sees? What integrity gap do you keep rationalizing instead of repairing? Stop looking out the window looking for someone or something to blame. Look in the mirror instead. Slow down and reflect. Write. Choose to work on self – a lot more. Self mastery is the master skill of leaders. Plato was right – the greatest victory is the victory over self. Win within. This is winning! God, help me apply this learning to me. God, help me look in the mirror more. God, help me!

Live hard. Love harder…

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