Fear not…

It might help, leader, to understand a recent 2019 Gallup survey regarding anxiety levels. USA teams are Gold medal winners, yet again. This time, however, it’s not a Gold medal we want. You see, we are the leading Nation, according to trusted Gallup, in terms of anxiety.

We are an anxious Nation. Not a new flash, right?

This is a big why behind the catastrophic reaction of our political leaders in regard to things like Covid and the myriad ‘crisis du jour.” Most leaders appeal to the masses who are living in fear. So, what do we do, as BTL leaders in this situation? We think for ourselves. We make decisions and take productive action. We model the way. We rely on our strong CORE and authentic OPUS to guide us. We take precautions and listen to our leaders without cowering in fear. We are good citizens and productive rebels. We don’t mindlessly follow the mediocre middle out of fear and we course correct quickly as we learn along the current crisis highway.

We build the bridge while we walk on it. No easy answers. Keep working and ask God for help. Decide some baby steps you’re taking to continue to lead your teams through record high gas prices, allocation nightmares, increasing inflation, decreasing stock markets, increasing interest rates, record low inventory of houses, foreign concern upon concern, and on and on the anxiety list grows and goes. Your teams anxiety is likely growing. If you’re a leader, it’s your job to non-anxiously lead them. Leaders regulate the room. Are you?

As for me, I’m reminding myself of the most frequent command in the Bible – Fear not. God, help me fear nothing. God, help me remain calm and carry on. God, help me live hard and love harder. God, help me trust you. God, help me model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and embody truth in Love. God, help me…

I feel better already. You?

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