Is your greatest asset if you’re chasing excellence.

Your undivided attention is a flow enabler. Fact. You cannot find the optimal performance state when multitasking things, much less peeps. Today, during a spicy one on one practice with one of my clients, he shared his singular sentence that summed up his PA coming out of our attention focused practice. Here’s what he said and wrote.

I will be intentional with my attention. Damn.

I’ve not been, he continued on. I’ve gotten distracted and lazy. Let too much of my attention be what others put in front of me. No more. I didn’t do the CORE & OPUS work so others could lead me. Intentional with attention. Very ccd.

Attention is your greatest asset. How can you be more intentional with attention? Slow down. Reflect. Write. LFG.

Live hard. Love harder…

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