Love anything or anyone and expect resistance to arise from within you. Fact. The deeper the love, the greater the resistance. Excellence requires you persist.

Pursuing opus is an act of obsession. Cannot be anything else. This feels vulnerable. You’ve put your heart on the line no different than with a lover. You’re risking it all when you go all in on anything or anyone. This triggers resistance. Of course, the world resists your endeavor to be different. This is not what stops most of us.

Resistance within is the one you’ve got to anticipate, accept, and fight against. You’ll feel vulnerable, exposed, and something deep within you will want you to back off a bit, you know. Fight this. Your OPUS is worth it. You are worth it. Your relationships are worth it. Don’t be afraid. Resistance is normal. Excellence is not.

What is causing resistance within you, friend. Resist the urge to settle, to run for cover, or pull back your expectations to lessen the exposure. Love is worth it.

Live hard. Love harder. Persist…

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