I freakin’ loved Bono’s book titled Surrender. Took me a week to polish it off and was well worth the effort. Here’s one nugget I’m still chewing on. Back in 1982 he wrote a lyric he was living – “I cannot change the world. I can change the world in me.” A Gandhi paraphrase, no? U2’s most recent album he is older, wiser, and an “actualist.” He changed the lyric ever so slightly – “I can change the world. I cannot change the world in me.” Damn.


The older I get the more I realize it’s easier for me to drop wisdom bombs on family, friends, and clients then absorb one dropped on me. I don’t want to change me. I freakin’ love changing my clients. Love seeing them go from a lone toward all one. Feels so good to be good at this opus, you know? Look in the mirror, Chet, own your shit. Repent. This. Feels. Like. Labor.


This may be my new favorite word. Surrender to God’s will. Surrender to Grace. Surrender to truth by slaying the lies. Surrender to the greater good. Surrender. Stop the incessant need for love, acceptance, and appreciation. Surrender to the work. Surrender to agape, not reciprocal love. Surrender. God, help me surrender and keep, somehow, striving for excellence. God, help me choose vision over visibility. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder….

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