Rip the band-aid…

Recently one of my clients greeted me at the beginning of our practice with a smile on his face. He knew he had done good since our last one. He was prepared. He told me about a change he made in his leadership team. Owned his hiring mistake. Didn’t take long to move on and make it right. In fact, he informed me, it was already a done so. Ripped the band-aid.

People problems are not self healing systems. They don’t get better with age. Most leaders frustrate themselves and elongate the pain by pulling slowly. Rip the band-aid, is choosing acute pain over chronic. Does. Not. Last. Long. My client was smiling because he realized a problem and dealt with it almost immediately. The BTL formula for building individuals, teams, and leaders is simple, not easy. Here it is by way of reminder.

Hire slow. Fire fast.

Leader, when your new hire is clearly not who you thought they were, don’t get frustrated. Speak truth in love, be ccd about standards being missed, demand they get on track. When it’s clear they can’t meet the standard due to a lack of skill or desire – rip the band-aid.

Live hard. Love harder. Rip the band-aid…

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