Temp outside was -2. Wind chill -23. Garage 48. After 55 minutes of push up, band pulls, planks, farmers, CESarms, Romanians, vsits, pelvic floor, band sliders, and heavies, the garage temp?

54 degrees.

Five dudes made each other do more than we would have done left to our lonesome. Go do something hard and do it together. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Modify when it’s the ouchey pain. Go harder when it’s growing pain. Smile through it all. Why?

Because life is a gift. Today is a present. Tomorrow not guaranteed. Great lives are ones who learn to count it all joy. God, help me see the good in it all. God, help me see your hand in it. God, help me give more than I take. God, help me be energy positive. God, help me radiate warmth and ooze your strength. God, help me become and belong. God, help me look up and receive. God, help me look around and encourage. God, help me look down and lift ‘em up. God, help me.

Live hard. Love ❤️ harder…

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