The best thing…

Merry Christmas everyone. Just sent a note to the six dudes joining me for France IV on June 21, 2023. I reminded them the best part about big dreams is not the actual event, it’s all the prep work and anticipation prior. We have 177 days until we depart. The best thing is embracing the training on our own. Pelly or trainer is hell unless you have a big dream fueling each lonesome pedal stroke. The rides in Hocking, Belleville, and Johnstown are all beautiful when you embrace the cold reality with the warmth of your deep why. The best thing is always the process, the prep work, and the anticipation of the big day.

Life is funny that way. The best thing is not the mountain top, it’s the climb that got you there. The best thing is the struggle. Embrace it. Miss and I just enjoyed our first Christmas without kids in 38 years. Sucked to not have them home. The best thing is anticipating our time together on January 5th in FLA. The best thing is anticipating. Like seeing that little fella in a few short months. The best thing…

What friend, are you anticipating?

Live hard. ❤️ harder…

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