“You have to teach athletes, somewhere in their careers, that they can do more than they think they can.” Tim Noakes.

“Just like a smile or frown, the words in your head have the power to influence the very feelings they’re supposed to reflect.” Alex Hutchinson author of book Endure.

“Her capacity to hurt herself was unprecedented.” Coach Andrew Jones describing Paula Radcliffe marathon genius.

“I think I have a pain threshold that is 10 to 20 percent higher than most others. I don’t know if you can scientifically prove it, but I totally believe it.” Jens Voigt in his autobiography titled Shut Up, Legs!

“The brain is able to do more, but it doesn’t.” Guillaume Millet (muscle researcher on ultra athletes)

“From this workout, you’ll learn forever that you’re capable of much more than you think. It’s the most powerful lesson you can possibly learn in running.” Amby Burfoot (Boston marathon champion)

“There seems to be a strong mental-psychological component to it. The right frame of mind, in other words, allows you to push beyond your usual temperature limits.” Stephen Cheung (researcher on heat and endurance)

“If I could go back in time to alter the course of my own running career, after a decade of writing about the latest research in endurance training, the single biggest piece of advice I would give to my doubt-filled younger self would be to pursue motivational self talk training – with a diligence and no snickering.” Alex Hutchinson

The melody line around your ability to endure anything hard, friend? Whatever you believe limits you? It does. Yes, your VO2 max matters. Yes, your muscular skeleton system matters. Yes, building skill matters. Your mindset, however, matters more than you think. You can overtrain muscles. You cannot overtrain your brain. Funny, huh.

Train your brain, athlete. Do more than you think. You can do more than you think. Do more. You beginning to see why your worldview matters most?

Live hard. Love ❤️ harder. Endure…

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